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ALPINISM: Mont Blanc (normal route by the Taste Needle) - Bionnassay Needle
Tête Rousse Hut

Tête Rousse Hut

The Tête Rousse hut is located next to the small Tête Rousse glacier, at a height of 3167 meters. From its promontory, you can admire the NW face of the 'Aiguille de Bionnassay'  and observe the 'Aguille du Goûter' to prepare the next morning's stage in order to ascend the Mont Blanc. 

La voie Royale du Mont-Blanc

The Main Pathway to the Mont Blanc

Ascent of the Mont Blanc starting from the Tête Rousse hut

The Tête Rousse hut is located on the usual path to the Mont Blanc. A first stage at the hut allows you to acclimatize before attempting the ascent. After spending a night at the hut, you haveLe refuge de Tête-Rousse est situé sur la voie normale du Mont-Blanc. Une 1ère étape au refuge permet une bonne acclimatation avant l'ascension. Après avoir passé une nuit au refuge, there are various alternatives. You can leave at night at 2AM to go to the Mont Blanc peak and when you descend it, you can either sleep at the Goûter hut or come back to Tête Rousse. You can also leave Tête Rousse in the morning to climb the 'Aiguille du Goûter' and sleep at the Goûter hut to ascend the Mont Blanc the next morning. In any case, take your time and succeed in your ascend!

L'aiguille de Bionnassay

The NW face of the 'Aiguille du Bionnassay'

Ascent of the 'Aiguille du Bionnassay' starting from the Tête Rousse hut.

The ascent of the NW face of the 'Aiguille du Bionnassay' is a not a classical high-mountain trail anymore, but if the snow conditions are optimal, this long route is no to be underestimated and should be attempted only by very fine weather conditions. Some alpinists climb it and ski it down! Please call us at the hut to know the mountaineering conditions!